6 Things Any Entrepreneur Can Do to Keep the Office Safe from Burglars

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As an entrepreneur, your startup’s office will have plenty of valuable objects in it, whether it’s a physical office or your own home. Everything, from equipment to information, must be protected from burglars. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do without spending your limited capital on expensive security devices. Here are 10 things any entrepreneur can do to secure the office: 

1. Keep the Wires Concealed 

One of the first things a burglar would look to disable would be your security systems, and the best way to do that is to fiddle with the wires. Keep that from being an option by hiding the wires as much as possible. If you can keep them in the walls, do it. At worst, you can cover them in a protective sheath or color them the same as the walls to make it as hard as possible to find and get to them. 

2. Replace All the Locks Whenever Appropriate 

When you move into a new office space, make sure to replace 

all the locks. The keys to those things could have been duplicated or stolen any number of times. This will make sure that you will have as much control over easy access to the office as possible. You should also change the locks if any of its keys are lost or stolen. 

3. Try Robbing Your Office 

One of the best ways to protect your startup’s office is to put yourself in a potential burglar’s shoes. Consider how you would break and enter into your company. You would be surprised at the security breaches and weaknesses you will find. While you may not be able to solve them all, knowing that they exist can let you plan around them and keep you from being blindsided. 

4. Use Deadbolts 

Most locks are dreadfully easy to get through for the dedicated burglar. They are really there to deter opportunists. However, the deadbolt is a notable exception. Given limited space between the door and its frame, opening a door with one will require either the key or to destroy the door itself. 

5. Keep Things Locked Up Whenever Possible 

As an entrepreneur, you should always be ready to pounce on any opportunity that passes by. Unfortunately, burglars have the same outlook. If they test a door and find it landlocked, they may just decide to try their luck. The simplest way to keep your office safe is to just keep it locked when no one’s around. 

6. Thoroughly Vet Your Cleaning Crew 

Before a dedicated burglar invades, they will make sure that they know what they’re breaking into.

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