4 Ways Cloud Computing Benefits Small Businesses

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Small businesses are increasingly transitioning from in-house data and systems management to cloud computing, and for good reason – cloud technology allows small businesses to access a range of software and services previously reserved for large companies with serious budgets, all while saving time and money. Below are some of the best reasons every small business owner should consider migrating to the doud. 

Streamlining Collaboration 

Teamwork is the name of the game in many modern offices, and cloud technology provides a number of ways to make collaboration between employees and even entire department faster and more efficient. Google and Microsoft both offer a robust suite of cloud-based apps that allow team members to share calendars host video conferences, and edit shared files in real time. The ability to access and sync up data from anywhere and at any time even allows for the creation of functional mobile offices where collaboration across great distances is not only possible, but easy. 

Securing Data 

Cloud technology offers two primary benefits when it comes to securing the data of your business and its customers. Because work is backed up and synced automatically on cloud servers, it is safeguarded from physical theft, hardware or software malfunction, and even natural disasters, all of which could mean the loss of countless hours of work if the 

data is only stored locally. Not only that, but data shared through Google Docs or similar apps is also encrypted, providing another layer of security and ensuring that sensitive information, such as customer details or payment information, can’t be compromised by hackers or prying eyes. 

Facilitating Growth 

One of the biggest advantages cloud technology has to offer for small businesses is how flexible and scalable it can be. There is no need to worry about running out of hard drive space when cloud storage can be increased instantly, and small businesses can start out with basic services and access plans that can be added onto as the company grows. Cloud-based applications also allow for fast and efficient onboarding of new employees, as well as the opportunity for easy, instantaneous communication with potential partners or clients across the globe. 

Increasing Productivity 

Cloud storage systems give you and your employees access to business data anywhere, any time, which translates into a more efficient, productive use of time. Even small issues, 

such as not being able to access a certain file at a precise moment, or having to manually search through folders and filenames, can quickly add up and impact project deadlines. The flexibility, ease of use, and automation that is bundled into cloud-based apps makes them an ideal choice any business that hopes to run like clockwork

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