How to Be a More Effective Entrepreneur by Tightening Up Your Time Management Skills

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An ambitious entrepreneur will be overflowing with ideas for new ventures and revenue ideas And while this is great for uncovering exciting new opportunities, it also means you can easily wind up with a to-do list longer than your arm. 

With so many projects to follow up on, it can be difficult 

to find the time to complete everything you need to do. But while you can’t conjure up more hours in the day, you can make better use of the time you have by managing it more wisely. Here’s what to do. 

1) Declutter Your Office 

There’s an old saying that a tidy desk means a tidy mind. And like most old sayings, there’s a large grain of truth in this idea. If one part of your life is chaotic, the disarray can easily spread. 

Take a little time to tidy and declutter your office, including both real and virtual desktops. As you bring order to your working environment, you’ll find your mind becomes dearer and less easily distracted. You’ll be able 

to attack your to-do list with greater focus and enthusiasm 

2) Be Strict about Planning 

One of the joys of the entrepreneurial life is the flexibility it gives your working day. But leaving your productivity to chance is a sure way to underachieve. 

Schedule your tasks for the day, week, and month ahead. Set timescales for completion and stick to them as dosely as you can. Be realistic but thorough and disciplined. 

As well as giving your working days more structure and direction, careful planning has another valuable benefit. You’ll find that the act of listing your tasks sets your 

subconscious to work on them straight away. When you come to tackle the job, you’ll already have a clearer idea from the start of what you need to do to finish it. 

3) Prioritize for Maximum Effect 

Which tasks will have the greatest impact on your bottom line? Which ones will have less immediate effect, but will open up new pathways for the future? 

Don’t just focus on clearing your to-do list, but on making sure every minute you spend working has the maximum effect in growing your business. Simply being busy and working heroically long hours isn’t enough to drive entrepreneurial 


4) Focus and Commit 

When you begin a task, make sure to devote yourself fully 

to it. Remove all distractions by turning off smartphone notifications, closing your email, and avoiding social media. Everyone likes to think they’re a great multi-tasker, but the truth is that dividing your attention will slow you down and deliver less precise results. 

5) Defeat Procrastination 

Even the most driven entrepreneurs can succumb to procrastination. One of the best ways to defeat this to use what’s known as the arrow method. Schedule your most Linpleasant or challenging tasks for the start of the week, so that Mondays and Tuesdays are your busiest. Slowly taper your workload down so that by the end of the working week, your schedule is cleared. 

Approaching your week in this way gives you greater momentum by getting your most dreaded jobs out of the way 

early on, stopping them becoming a lingering distraction and a drag on your productivity. 

6) Work When You’re Most Productive 

It might seem obvious, but schedule important tasks for the time of day you’re normally most productive.

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